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Synesthesia is an Analog Music Temple

Multiple analog synthesizers are built into the infrastructure of the art piece, shaded from the sun, and powered by solar panels. All performances will be recorded with integrated battery operated audio recorders, and released afterwards free to the public. The exterior is created from mirrors and recycled electronics. The mirrors reflect the light to create a sense of infinite space, and provide an opportunity to reflect on oneself. At dark the installation is lit by integrated pipe and rope light LEDs. The interior walls are built entirely of electronics, creating the impression that the entire art piece is one large machine, controllable by the participants. The walls are composed of mixed electronics and Psych Rock synthesizers which the participants may alter by pressing buttons and keys, turning knobs and pulling levers to change colors, sounds, and perhaps move pieces of the wall. They will also have control of an integrated theremin, which can be played by waving ones hand in the air. Both lighting and audio waveforms  can be controlled in response to body position and movement.

This art piece is designed to encourage collaborative musical communication, between people who have never met. When strangers come into this space and collaborate and create together, they form a bond that is beyond spoken language. The music will be released afterwards on a dedicated social platform, marked by time and date, so participants will be able find their composition after, enjoy it again, and share it with friends. This also provides them the opportunity to comment and connect again with the persons they met and created with inside the installation. Music is one of the most powerful forces in the world to bring people together, and by creating a space to collaborate and share, we are both encouraging the creation of collaborative art, and the bonding between complete strangers in a very special setting.

We believe that art, and especially music, transcends race, religion, sex, language, and political affiliation. It is also a powerful tool to overcome ones own inhibitions around personal power and ability. We hope to challenge our audience to embrace their abilities as creators, to forge to new friendships, and plant the seeds for future creativity, curiosity and collaboration.

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